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Celebration of life: A different way of saying goodbye

When a loved one passes away, life seems to lose some of its sparks. During these hard times, remembering this person who was a big part of our life is often the only thing that provides a glimmer of hope! He or she had a unique journey that deserves a personalized celebration; a moment that will leave a sweet afterglow in the heart of guests.

In this article, we propose several ideas to help inspire you in organizing a celebration of life. We will start by discussing what differentiates this kind of celebration from traditional funerals.

Funerals or celebrations of life, what’s the difference?

Funerals take place after a person’s passing, and their purpose is to help families with the grieving process. They usually start with a visit to the funeral home, where loved ones can say their last goodbyes in the presence of the deceased. Then, there’s the traditional memorial service at the funeral home or in church. Normally there are chants, hymns and incantations. Usually, funerals conclude with the burial at the cemetery.

A celebration of life is more personalized. It can even take place before a loved one dies, or every year on the anniversary of their passing. The family gets together in order to pay tribute to the uniqueness of a loved one, before or after they have gone. Therefore, traditional and personalized elements can be combined.

How to plan a celebration of life

The planning of a celebration of life is more complex than that of a traditional funeral and involves more decision-making. You’ll have to consider the setting, the food, and every little detail that will help convey the desired atmosphere. The goal is to help guests remember and honour the life of the person being celebrated.

Choosing a place of celebration associated with good memories

The celebration can take place in a private or public setting. It is important that this place reminds you of the loved one you’ve lost.

For example, some will prefer to invite guests at home, indoors or in their backyard, while others prefer renting a cottage or an outdoor venue. It all depends on the number of guests attending and the budget you’re ready to invest in the event.

The food

Since the event can take place at any time during the day, you are under no obligation to serve food during a celebration of life. If it is happening in the afternoon, simply offering a cocktail could be a good option.

If you’re organizing a supper, on the other hand, you might opt for a gourmet menu or simply go for the deceased’s favourite meal. Did he or she love a specific restaurant or a particular type of food?

An adapted atmosphere

Once again, you want to create a personalized atmosphere. Something that will honour the life of this special person you miss so much.

You can hire a music band to play their favourite songs or music genre. When it comes to decorating, choose their favourite flowers, colours and textures. You can also ask guests to provide a photograph of themselves and the deceased.

The idea is to create a unique vibe.

The dress code

Don’t hesitate to ask your guests to dress a certain way. For example, you could ask them to wear a specific attire or colour.

It can be something that will remind everyone of the deceased’s hobbies or tastes. This is a lovely way to honour a loved one’s personality or even their unique quirks!

Something to remember them by

If you want, you can offer guests gifts or favours to thank them for their presence. For a celebration of life, choose something that will remind people of their loved one or an object that is a nod to an important aspect of their life. Here are some ideas:

  • A plant or seeds
  • An object from a collection they owned
  • Their favourite recipe
  • A commemorative object

There are no wrong ideas

In conclusion, every idea is a good one when it comes to planning a celebration of life! The goal is to pay tribute to this person you love so much. To do so, you simply need to emphasize and bring to light the things that mattered to this person. Before you begin, make sure you discuss with their family so that you can brainstorm together about the things that made this person unique. It will be easier to plan the event with their input.

Trust a business specialized in event planning

Sometimes, we have a lot of ideas. When grieving, though, you’ll find it challenging to summon the energy needed to plan an entire event.

In this case, you can entrust preparations in a business that is specialized in this kind of celebration! You will find one of our suppliers, Muna Célébrations de Vie, on our platform. They offer turnkey solutions as well as thematic packages. All you have to do is tell them about the deceased and their life so that they can organize the perfect, personalized celebration of life.